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May we interest you in our menu of premium business services contact us to discuss your custom needs or questions. All domains and email are set up separately.
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Web Solutions For Your Business

Choose from our new menu of website development, maintenance and marketing services or contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Website Packages

Website Packages

We will be offering a number of website packages that are affordable and easy to get you started in a new professional business website. We currently offer budget website packages through our RightStart program. These are great for any business that needs a low-cost solution but still wants a quality website.

Website Review and Reports

Website Reports & Reviews

If you have an existing website and you are worried that it is out of date, or don't know where to begin on maintaining it to make sure it is supporting your business, we have several different types of reports & review packages to choose from to get you back on track.

Website support and maintenance

Website Support & Maintenance

All websites need support and maintenance. Choose from one of our pre-paid packages and pay up to 25% off our normal hourly rate! If you don't know where to begin on maintaining your website, view our Website Health Reports & Review services so that we can take a look under the hood and make some recommendations.

Website Domain and Email

Domains & Email

Need a domain name or email account set up? SonicSpider is a reseller for Enom.com, one of the top domain and email companies in the world. We can help you buy and manage your domain names and email accounts.
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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

We offer boutique hosting servies for businesses that DON'T want to be just another number. Get custom support for your website traffic needs. SonicSpider's hosting is four star hosting, which is the top rating for security.

WordPress Blog

WordPress Blog Installation

We have several installation packages to get you started using the WordPress blog software. WordPress blogs can be added to any website or as a stand alone website solution that is inexpensive easily updated by YOU!

Website Business Tools

Business Web Tools

We have a wide variety of tools that you can plug into just about any website to add more functionality, including our HotSpot mini content manager system that can be plugged into any website. Click here to see our installation services for our web tools ›

Website Marketing

Website Marketing

SonicSpider offers SEO set up, reviews and strategies. For more advanced online marketing needs we have a wide network of trusted business resources that can help you reach your marketing goals.

Website Shopping Cart

E-Commerce and PayPal Consulting

SonicSpider LLC is a certified PayPal consultant and e-commerce specialist. Visit our SonicWebTech site for more information on our services and for a free needs assesment.

Website Financing

0% Financing

We offer 0% financing on all of our web projects. All you need to do is host your website with us! Some restrictions do apply. Monthly payments must be made via credit card auto billing. Download our PDF on how our Payment Plans work [PDF]